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Dear Friends!

  Great Uzbek philosopher Abdulla Avloniy’s statement “Educating is life or death, development or destruction, happiness or misfortune” is still a real issue and widely discussed in our society. Those words mean many important aspects of our society its prosperity, sustainable livelihoods and enjoying peace in nowadays. Uzbekistan with its Independence has started reforms of many its economic sectors; education was the first sector that has gone through substantial changes from high school to higher education. Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration (TIIM) is a first-class regional recognized academic, research institute known for its top programs in such fields as engineering, water resources, land management, agricultural sciences and much more. The TIIM’s commitment is to help all students pursue their individual dreams and realize their potential as educated citizens. TIIM education involves a rich variety of academic, cultural and research experiences that prepare students to confront the challenges of a complex and demanding world. Market-oriented economic conditions dictate vibrant challenges and industry needs for highly qualified professionals urged the State of Uzbekistan for education reforms in water resources and agriculture with two Cabinet of Ministries of the Republic of Uzbekistan Degrees of March 30, 2004 No.150 “Establishment of Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration” and No.415 “Improvement of Training of Highly Qualified Specialists for Agriculture and Water Management”. From this moment, the new page of TIIM history has been opened. The Institute plays an important role in water and land resources management and sustainable agriculture. To date, the Institute has prepared over 52,000 specialists for water and agriculture industries. Today thousands of students work in academics, industry, research and legislature. International reputation echoes with about 3,000 international alumni from 38 countries of the World. The TIIM faculty is recognized for its excellent research in water and agriculture sciences and actively participates in development of new water conservation, watering and wastewater technologies and methods. Engineering is in fact world leader in its own field of research and expertise such as dams safety and water resources development. In recent years, after the independence the Institute has gained a wide international recognition, broadened the academic and research relations with international partners. At present a variety of agreements and MOUs have been signed with leading academic and research institutions of United States of America, Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, Israel, South Korea, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, China and other countries. The Institute is actively involved in projects BASIS, NZODA, TACIS, TEMPUS, INTAS, ZEF, UNESCO, USAID. We welcome you to our Institute and encourage you to take advantage of all it has to offer!

Welcome to our Institute !


Rector                     Professor Muhammadhon Hamidov